Only 49kms from the centre of Ha Noi, Ba Vi Homestead is located on a scenic hill comfortably nestled between the Ba Vi Mountains. The Homestead is situated to the west of suburban Ha Noi in a traditional and diverse agricultural landscape (with ponds, streams, lakes and rivers), among some of the most ancient wet rice civilizations in the world. The view in front of the Homestead includes terraced rice fields, with a backdrop of the immense primeval forest of Ba Vi Mountains, featuring three peaks of 1,100, 1,200 and 1,300 meters.

            Visitors have the choice to just relax at Ba Vi Homestead or visit traditional agricultural villages and enjoy the amazing scenery among clear, fresh air in an intimate atmosphere. Our visitors also have the opportunity to actually participate in agricultural activities that characterizes Vietnamese culture, such as: cultivating rice, fishing with equipment made of bamboo, growing and harvesting various vegetables and herbs, collecting honey from bees, making dried tea (tea picking and processing) feeding cows, goats and rabbits…even emus.

Our visitors can choose to visit the green tea gardens and vast corn fields on the backs of ancient rivers which have formed the Red River Delta in North Vietnam over thousands of years. Ba Vi Homestead hosts traditional music performances featuring groups from the Muong and Dao ethnic minorities who are neighbors of our Homestead.

With our range of buildings and equipment including an ancient wooden house, a traditional house on stilts and a clay house - combined with our professional staff - visitors are assured of a relaxing and informative time at Ba Vi Homestead.

Ba Vi Homestead is a unique concept in Viet Nam. Stay with us for a day, or several days, and relax while we introduce you to a range of traditional farming and cultural lifestyles.


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Bavi Homestead received "Bông lúa vàng" Award 2012